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George and Pat would like to express their gratitude to all the many helpers and volunteers from various organisations that made the Open Garden Weekends such a success. We all thank you very much
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The garden holds two collections of plants, Magnolia and Prunus, which are registered with the Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia. There are over fifty-five Magnolias; some of these should still be in flower.

There are many beautiful shrubs and trees to look at and the short list that follows is just a small sample.

Bed R - Davidia Involucrata. (Dove tree, ghost tree, pocket-handkerchief tree). This sublimely beautiful tree is outstanding in late spring when draped with it's large bracts, which give the impression of a flight of doves or a scattering of pure white pocket handkerchiefs.

Position of tree: Sheffield Road - Taxodium Distichum. A beautiful deciduous conifer most suitable for wet soils.


Large specimens produce “Knees” – above ground growths from the roots that look like termite hills. It is a dominant tree in the everglades of Florida.

Bed Q&F - Liriodendron Tupipifera. The American Tulip tree one of the noblest hardy deciduous trees in cultivation. The yellowish green sweet scented flowers appear in early summer, flowers resembling tulips.

In 1994 David Noble discovered a bizarre tree which came to be known as the Woolemi Pine (Wollemia Nobilis) this plant began before the Jurassic Period.  This discovery made headlines in newspapers around the world.  That story reminded me of another unique tree called Metasequoia glyptostroboides which was discovered in 1941 in China’s Szechun provence.  Previously like the Ginkgo, it had only been known from fossil imprints, it was rushed into cultivation, the seed being distributed worldwide. In 1948 Burt Chandler of Como Nurseries started growing them.
Como Gardens now have several of these lovely deciduous conifer trees growing.  There is one particularly beautiful specimen reaching 100 ft in height and 45 ft in width, I have never seen such a fine specimen even having visited China.

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