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George and Pat would like to express their gratitude to all the many helpers and volunteers from various organisations that made the Open Garden Weekends such a success. We all thank you very much
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William Chandler brought his family then consisting of his wife Kate and three children to live at The Basin in 1873. The weather board building they lived in was built on the creek flats. The house was built from straight Manna gums and Messmate timber found on the property. The timber was pit-sawn even to the weather boards, and another refinement lacking in most other bush dwellings was a galvanised iron roof instead of shingles.

Arch Chandler was born in the house in 1875 and has always been regarded as the first white child born at The Basin. Legend has it that an acorn was planted to mark the occasion, this is one of the first Oak trees (Quenus Robur) in Australia. It is classified by the National Trust Foundation.

The Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia is entrusted in the loss of plants that were once around in our grandmothers day. Each year many different kinds of cultivated plants are lost from Victorian gardens, some are victims of changes in fashion, others may be difficult to grow or propagate. Still many more are lost when a nursery closes down, a plant collector gives up their collection or a garden changes hands.


After discussions between the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne and other interested orginisations, The Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia was inaugrated under the historic oak tree in 1989. Como Gardens at that time was a thriving Nursery which held two registrered collection of plants: Magnolia and Prunus (Sato Zakura).

Como History
William Chandler Kate Chandler
William Chandler Kate Chandler
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